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Well hello there!! It’s been some time since I’ve posted, as I’ve been working on this beauty of a website! All the old blog posts can be found here, if you are interested in reading back through or want to reference something you read previously.

While Your Month Of Running is all over, all the posts can be found in it’s appropriate tab, and can be done at any time! If you are just joining us, give it a go! Please feel free to ask me any questions!

Barefoot Running

Now, getting right back into it — I think I’ve talked before about barefoot running. A book I just finished — and highly recommend — called Born To Run talks a lot about the drawbacks of wearing expensive running shoes and how it physically affects your footfall, posture, and injury rate.

I got this amazing infographic in my inbox today from Active.com (click here for the infographic! Must read!) and it does an incredible job of explaining everything you need to know about barefoot running.

Some quick tidbits – if you don’t have time to read through the whole thing right now -

  • Each year 65%-80% of runners get injured.
  • You’re 1.25 times more likely to get hurt in an expensive shoe!
  • Running shoes cause you to land heel first. This causes a chain reaction – putting stress  on your Achilles tendon which then transfers shock to your pelvis and and thigh.

I have been wanting to get a pair of toe shoes (they allow your foot to fall naturally) and haven’t yet. I plan to do that this evening, and I’ll report back on my thoughts!

I hope everyone’s running has been going well. Please hit me up with any questions, comments, thoughts!

Happy Running!





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