5 Healthy Tips from Around the World

Ready to try something new?

Ready to try something new?

While you may feel alone in your struggle to stay on the healthy train, you are far from it; women all over the world have to make conscious decisions about staying healthy; from eating breakfast to drinking tea.

And just like you have a few good tips up your sleeve, so do they.

The next time you’re up against that chocolate frosted doughnut or debating a run after work, consider how our friends across the world are dodging temptation and staying healthy.

India: Walk When You Can

You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it’s one that bears repeating. According to HuffingtonPost.com, women in India walk 6 times a day; and your walk from the coffee machine to your desk does not count! The HuffPost continues on to explain that obesity is a rarity in India, going to show that moving is one of the single most important ways to stay healthy.

  • Use it: Walk on your lunch break, walk to the corner store, park further away. It’s been said before, and I will say it again – always be moving. Checkout Your Healthy Workday for some more ideas.

Thailand: Add a Little Spice

You don’t like spicy food? Perfect! Not only does a little extra spice speed up your metabolism, but the healthy ladies of Thailand stay healthy because the spicy food often slows you down. Eating slower is imperative to knowing when your body is full, and a dash of spice just might help you do that.

  • Use it: Add red pepper flakes to your pasta sauce, hot peppers in your breakfast burrito, or have spicy chocolate for dessert.

Brazil: Enjoy Some Rice and Beans

A study from Obesity Research, as reported by Readers Digest, found that, “… A diet consisting primarily of rice and beans lowers the risk of becoming overweight by about 14% when compared with typical Western fare.” Brazilians enjoy rice and beans with most meals; though you may not be able to incorporate it quite so extensively, consider your other options.

  • Use it: Add beans to your rice-based stirfry or mix scrambled eggs with rice and beans for breakfast.

Italy: High Quality, Small Portions

The French have forever been a picture of perfect health (minus the smoking!) and there have been many guesses as to why. While there are likely a variety of reasons, for our purposes, we can break it down to two things: high quality food eaten in small portions.

We are all guilty of overeating, and it’s an offender we can’t ignore.  And though it’s easy to stretch a buck with cheap food, you’ll be paying for it later.

Greece: Eat a Variety

We in the US have a habit of cutting food out of our diet in the name of health; carbs, eggs, fat, you name it, and someone has built a diet around it. Yet healthy ladies in Greece munch on a plethora of fats and fresh food, usually referred to as the Mediterranean diet. So, instead of cutting food groups out, add more in, and consider how you can make them healthier.

  • Use it: Try something different each week; a new kind of fish, different kind of bread, etc. Enjoy variety!

While we all have our own tips and tricks for staying healthy, there is much to learn from our friends across the world. Consider how their healthy culture can inspire you to be healthier, too.


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