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Eggs In A Basket: Brighten Up Your Breakfast!

You know you want to start your morning with this gem


What do you call it? Eggs in a basket? Bulls eye? Well, Ben and I debate about the name every time we make eggs in a basket – that’s what I call them! – but what we can both whole-heartedly agree that this is our favorite Saturday morning jump-start!

Sophisticated And Simple Go Hand In Hand

I was thinking earlier today about how my basic food likes, and my newer tastes, have come from different places, yet roll into one inner foodie. This may seem like an obvious statement; of course as we get older our basic palate grows into one searching for foods with more depth and flavor, which we can, and do, learn from many people and places. I find this duality of taste in my particular situation interesting because both sides of my inner hungry woman were formed by my parents (basic) and my boyfriends parents (sophisticated).


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