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Veggie Lasagna: It’s What’s For Dinner

Load in the veggies for a filling meal

If you’re looking to try a versatile dish, you’ve found it here. Veggie lasagna might be the easiest dish to cook, aka bad cook friendly, which we like here at Will Run For Food! Feel free to change out the ingredients based on what you prefer or what’s sitting in the fridge. Now get cookin’, because it’s too easy not to try!

A Will Run For Food Week: Shoes and Stirfry

Got some good snapshots for you this week — from barefoot shoes to magazine clips, there was some good stuff happening this week!

Liven Up Your Lunch

Photo credit: recipes.caboose.com

Now that I’m a working woman again, I have been playing around with some new stuff. When I make a new food discovery you learn about it, too! Here ya go! (Again, if you want to cut through the chatter, main recipe directions are bolded.)

Creamy Balsamic Dressing:

I’m  not sure if I’ve talked about making your own balsamic dressing before, but if so, I have perfected it since. My issue is that I really don’t like salad, but I like to eat it because I know I can get a lot of veggies, which is of course a good thing. For me, it’s always a challenge to find new ways to like my salad and this is one of them.

Dinner tonight: Crispy Tofu!

Dinner time

Hello all! I have completed my travels to CA and before I do anything, let me say that it has been an incredible trip (non-healthy food, non-running, and all!)

Now that I am settled in, though, it’s time to get back to the grind and that means running regularly,  but most importantly cooking yummy meals. So, after a request for my breaded tofu recipe, I have decided it’s the perfect post to dive back into the blogosphere.

And let me give credit to Ben’s mom, Barb, because she introduced me to this style of cooking tofu, so she is the original brain in this genius!

** You’ll find the steps numbered and bolded, if you want to skim the text.

Quick Vegetable Stew

So, we had a little discovery the other night — well, we already knew this, but hadn’t yet put it to the test. Soup is SO easy to make!!
Ben and I tried our hand at a Vegetable/Potato stew and I can say with pride that it was a complete success!!

Though the picture does this soul warming soup absolutely no justice whasoever, it was delicious and wicked easy to make. Though you can pretty much make any soup with this same idea in mind, we used stewed tomatoes and water as a base and went from there.

Easy, Baked Ravioli!

Ravioli made easy

Dinner tonight = homemade baked spinach ricotta ravioli… YUM! I promise you it’s easy — let’s be honest, if I can do it, you can too!


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