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The Vegetarian Runner

Regardless of the reason, many people choose to cut meat or all animal products out of their diet; I myself am a vegetarian, and have been so for five years now. And while eating a whole plant diet is most definitely healthy, you want to be sure you’re getting everything your thriving body needs.

A Will Run For Food Week: Mmm Mmm Pancakes

I’m always snapping shots on my phone: a delicious pancake meal here, a beautiful running view there. So, it’s time that you benefit from my shutterbug habits!


The Will Run For Food take on recipes is that everyone should be entitled to make their own. I don’t use them; I rarely measure or even use the suggested ingredients – I never have the right items in my kitchen, and I’m cooking for two, which is usually not the case with recipes.

Sophisticated And Simple Go Hand In Hand

I was thinking earlier today about how my basic food likes, and my newer tastes, have come from different places, yet roll into one inner foodie. This may seem like an obvious statement; of course as we get older our basic palate grows into one searching for foods with more depth and flavor, which we can, and do, learn from many people and places. I find this duality of taste in my particular situation interesting because both sides of my inner hungry woman were formed by my parents (basic) and my boyfriends parents (sophisticated).


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