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Will Run For Food Week: Motivation and Sunshine

I hope everyone has had a great start to a new week. For us Californians it’s been sunny and that means this girl is happy! (Sorry for all you East coasters still struggling through the last bits of winter and mud season-spring!)

While the sunshine may be all the motivation I need to get out running, those of you still stuck in spring may need a little more push.

Check out this Will Run For Food Week for some great recipes, articles and a little extra motivation. For tips like this all week long, be sure to like my Facebook page. There are always new articles, inspirational quotes and much more!

It’s Easier To Run Than You Think

Meet Rachel!

When Jess first asked me to write a guest post about running, I first thought “she could have gotten someone way better.”  I’m not exactly the best role model for runners, having struggled with a lifetime of a stubborn aversion against strenuous exercise. However, one thing that prospective and current runners can take from my example is to stay motivated, and to learn that anyone can get started with running.

When Your Running Legs Don’t Want To Run

On my run this morning, I was reminded of an all too familiar feeling: tired legs. Although my mind and heart were in it to win it, the ol’ legs were not having it.

When I realized I was going to run out my 5 miles as planned, I started thinking how I would actually get this completed.

You, my lovely readers, I’m sure experience this same situation some days. How you get through it, I’m not sure. However, if the case is that you in fact, DON’T get through it, and choose to stop, I  have some suggestions for next time sleepy leg syndrome comes creeping into your run.


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